The scenic beauty, diverse culture and abundant tourist attractions have made the charming Landscape of Democratic Republic of Congo an ideal tourists' paradise. The Geography of Democratic Republic of Congo makes it one of the most unusual destinations on earth.

It has been said that the Democratic Republic of Congo is the country around which all other African countries revolve. Two thirds the size of Europe with only 450 km of paved road- an area of vast jungles and dark corners, scattered outposts and tribal strong-holds, equatorial rainforests and active volcanoes - truly one of the most untamed countries on the surface of the earth.

As the country of Democratic Republic of the Congo (Zaire) is intersected by the Equator, the seasons are reversed in the north and south. Both of the regions have two short wet seasons and two short dry seasons while the central region experiences an equatorial climate with an average annual precipitation of 1,700 mm. Average temperature in Kinshasa varies between 18 degrees Celsius to 32 degrees Celsius.

During the past 15 years, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, former Zaïre, hasn't been accessible for tourists. Two subsequent wars made travel practically impossible. Now that the political situation has stabilized, tourists are able to visit this magnificent country again.

Home to such elusive animals as the bonobo, okapi, bongo and Congo peacock, the country is in many ways defined by it's people and whilst positive news from the area hard to find, optimism is not. Those who spend time with local people usually discover a depth of strength, resilience, faith and good humor that helps them to “digest” and respond to the situation with “tough compassion” rather than with despair. 

The warm welcome you will receive from people who have learnt to adapt to difficult conditions will help break down many preconceived ideas about this rich and fascinating part of Africa, that offers the adventurous traveller, quite simply, the trip of a lifetime.

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