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CONGO DISCOVERY Safaris – Customized EAST AFRICAN  Tours and Mountain Gorillas Safaris As well as Mountain hiking .

Easte Africa is the perfect destination for enjoying Mountain gorillas trekking safaris and wildlife tours at your own convenience and with the preferred itineraries. This is  where you can book a holiday tour with great combination your choice  among mountain gorillas trekking hiking adventure. The rural settings in east Africa offers the best opportunities to understand  different cultures and local communities in a unique and wonderful way while on safaris. Cong discovery safaris has been operating for many years in various countries like in ,Congo,Uganda,Rwanda and Burundi  . As a well tour operating company , we offer the best service to our customers in all ways from the beginning of the adventure until the end of it, through our services that we offer among which there is travel consultation, Visa processing , car hire, hotel and alodge bookings, conference and event planning,we also offer congo river tour in congo.etc

Congo Discovery Safaris Tour Ltd. is also represented in Nertherland by safaribookings.com